Ambience Policy

Allegato 6 – ED.06 REV 00 del 21/09/2020

This Ambience Policy document represents for SEFIND Srl the expression of the responsibilities and commitment to implement behaviors and activities that are capable of improving its performance in the environmental field, placing the environment as a wealth at the center of its attention. municipality to be safeguarded.

As already done for the quality aspects, SEFIND S.r.l. wants to give evidence of the goodness of its sustainable development strategy by implementing a correct management of energy and environmental aspects.

For this purpose, SEFIND S.r.l. declares its commitment to manage and develop its activities with constant attention and continuous improvement of the Environment through the application, control and development of the Environmental Management System, compliant with UNI EN ISO 14001.

The Environmental Policy of SEFIND S.r.l. is embodied in the following management principles:
– Full compliance with current legislation (including any other environmental requirements signed by the company), the relevant legislation and company procedures on environmental protection;
– Use of processes and technologies that prevent and / or reduce the impact on the environment;
– Management of production activities in order to reduce the environmental impacts directly related to it, with particular attention to the management of waste produced and the risks associated with the use of pollutants;
– Use of vehicles and materials that have characteristics that comply with current environmental legislation, low consumption, low environmental impact, recyclability;
– Dissemination within the company, through constant awareness-raising, of a culture aimed at implementing correct forms of behavior in terms of protecting the environment and the territory;
– Development, through training and information, of professional skills and the commitment to operate in compliance with prevention and protection procedures;
– Involvement and participation of personnel in the process of continuous improvement and prevention in the field of environmental protection;
– Increase in environmental performance;
– Involvement of the companies that cooperate with SEFIND S.r.l. in environmental protection, in particular through the communication of policy and objectives;
– Continuous verification of the management of environmental protection, through the critical analysis of the results achieved and the revision of the above principles and the Environmental Management System.

The Management is committed to the implementation of the principles of the Environmental Policy and the objectives that derive from it and for this purpose provides the necessary structures and resources; it also periodically monitors the achievement of objectives and, where necessary, promotes appropriate corrective or improvement measures.

The Ambience Policy also has the role of a corporate communication document; to give it maximum dissemination, within the Company the aforementioned document is available to operators and, for other (external) interested parties, it is available on the company website.

It is the duty of the Head of the Environmental Management System:
– Verify that this document is understood by its collaborators and, if necessary, provide the requested clarifications;
– Adopt the appropriate measures, so that employees operate correctly from the point of view of respect for the environment in carrying out their duties.