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Passenger Boarding Bridges, VDGS for Aircraft, 400Hz Power Systems, Preconditioning Units.

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Systems controlled by wired logic and PLC; Electromechanical, Hydraulic and Electronic Systems; Monitoring and access control systems


We adapt the reliability to the growing airport needs

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About Us

Sefind S.r.l. started its activity in 1982. From this date it solves airport technical problems with innovative, rapid, valid and economic solutions that derive from a long experience and the typical efficiency of an Italian medium-sized company.


Adapting the reliability of systems to growing airport requirements is one of the targets of Sefind S.r.l. which for that reason designs and manufactures innovative electromechanical devices, whose validity is confirmed by their subsequent adoption by many Airports.

What we do

Sefind S.r.l. is focused in the installation and maintenance of passenger boarding bridges and auxiliary equipements; designs and manufactures electromechanical, hydraulic and electronic systems; develops monitoring and control devices.

May 2019: "Marco Polo" Airport (Tessera - Venezia)

Sefind S.r.l. installed 2 new CIMC-Tianda Passenger Boarding Bridges and the related Stand Accessories in record time, allowing the first flight to dock on May 9 2019, only 23 days after the arrival of the PBBs.

This is a significant project for the airport’s activity, given the strong growth in extra-Schengen passenger volumes.

2 new passenger boarding bridges were installed, 3 400Hz converters and 2 Pre-Conditioned Air Units for aircraft.


Air Side

Aircraft service systems such as passenger boarding bridges, pre-conditioned air units, 400Hz converters, VDGS.



We design and build Gravity® roller conveyors to speed up security queues and many other innovative systems for an innovative terminal.



Design and implementation of remote monitoring and supervision systems for 400Hz units, automatic terminal doors, toilets and solar panels.


Last News

To keep up-to-date with company news, the latest works performed, sector fairs, proposed innovative solutions and new patents.

2017: "Leonardo da Vinci" Airport of Rome Fiumicino: Boarding Area E

Sefind S.r.l. installed 20 CIMC-Tianda Passenger Boarding Bridges and relative Stand Accessories for the Aeroporti di Roma S.p.A.

The new boarding area E, for extra-Schengen flights, was inaugurated in January 2017 and will be used by an additional 6 million passengers each year through the new gates.

The works, completed on scheduled time, is for installation of 20 new passenger boarding bridges, with 2 Upper Decks for the A380 aircraft, 25 400Hz converters, 16 Pre-Conditioned Air Units for aircraft, 14VDGS for aircraft docking; around 8,000 meters of electrical cables have been installed for about 10,000 connections.