Gravity® New Edition 2017: Modular System

In 2017, the Gravity® system was completely redesigned to meet the ever increasing needs of national and international airports. The new system is modular: it therefore allows you to adapt and fit into any environment intended for the security control of passengers’ hand luggage.

The Gravity® automatic tray return system is made of stainless steel and allows the dragging of polypropylene trays used for the inspection of hand luggage. This system is combined with a gravity roller conveyor on which the trays, used by users, slide. The machine has been designed to limit the causes of intervention by security operators.

Standard Gravity® (2003 Edition)

The Gravity® system is a roller conveyor for trays of Rx equipment at control gates. While passengers are in a queue, they always have a tray for personal items. Since 2003, several Italian airports have adopted the Gravity® system with a significant reduction in passenger check times.

Motorized Gravity® (2004 Edition)

It is possible to integrate the Gravity® roller conveyor with a motorized system that allows the trays to be automatically recovered without engaging the safety operators who thus have more time for checks. The silence and the reduction of waiting times are other strengths of the Gravity® system.