Patent n. 97830483.0: “Snorkel” Rigid articulated pipe for aircraft preconditioning unit

Snorkel is projected to carry the air conditioning of the preconditioning unit to the aircraft. The pipes consist of PVC tubes and curves with the internal diameter of 300mm or 400mm and with right thickness. The air seal is secured by suitably realized gaskets. The connection between tubes and curves is realized with stainless steel radial boltings. The first joint toward the preconditioner is anchored to the ground with a pivot plate fixed on the cement of the apron with nogs, while the other joints are free. The last part of the rigid tubes leads to a flexible hose connection, linkable to the aircraft.

Features and Advantages

Snorkel adapts to any aircraft length, it can assume any conformation and also pass beneath the airplane without creating hindrance. It reduces the formation of condensation and it hasn’t any contact with the ground. The articulated joints grant the slightest loss of load in bends and the impossibility of obstructions.

400Hz Snorkel

Snorkel can also be used for the distribution of 400Hz to the aircraft. Its ease of use and low cost compared to traditional methods, once again demonstrate the ductility of this system.